June 4th, 2012

Are Paid Social Media Profiles Worth The Cost?


One of the things people quite often have a problem in paying money for is upgraded online profiles. To be honest, I’ve been quite sceptical too – after all, you get most of the functionality for free with most of these sites. So as a freemium-model the perceived value often appears to be quite low.

But recently I’ve tested a few out – they’re relatively inexpensive so I thought I’d see for myself if they were worth it. Here’s what I found:

1) LinkedIn Premium

To be honest, I’ve always viewed paid LinkedIn accounts as tools for recruiters. And to a large extent that is true. But from a business owner perspective, recruitment is vital – and LinkedIn is the best site out there for this, so if for £12.95 a month (sales basic) it can help you find the right people to push your business forward, then it’s money well spent in my opinion!

LinkedIn Premium

2) SlideShare Pro

I’ve spoken at quite a few industry events during the last couple of years – and the ability to promote your content online after a presentation is extremely valuable in my opinion. Firstly, it gives an opportunity to share these with people who were at the event – but it also allows you to share this with people who weren’t there too. Of course you can do this for free anyway, but if you can spread the reach of this even further with a pro account – at £19 per month I would say it’s worth it if you’re speaking regularly. My last 4 or 5 presentations have all made it onto the SlideShare homepage and the Pro account definitely helps towards this – as it often gets you listed as featured pro content quite easily:

SlideShare Pro

Another tip would be when you’re promoting the content via social media, link directly to SlideShare – that way it helps you to become hot on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn which is also shared on the homepage!

3) TripIt Pro

I really like TripIt – it’s a great travel organisation tool, just forward your booking emails to them and it keeps track of all travel details (where/when you’re going etc). Plus, personally having turned up for a flight 24 hours early in the past, it’s a useful tool to have! At least I wasn’t late though :)

If I’m honest the real reason I signed up, was the fact that it gets you a free gold membership to use Regus offices/meeting rooms, which is very useful in London! This normally costs £35 per month – TripIt Pro costs $49 a year! No brainer? :)

TripIt Pro

What do you think of the above sites? And are there any other paid social media sites you subscribe to?

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  1. David says:

    Hmm… I have tried Linkedin paid version in the past but only use I had for it was to see who was looking at my profile, I know the new model allows for better organisation of contacts but would prefer spend that money elsewhere.

    I could see TripIt Pro as a likely one if you are doing a lot of travel or have someone else in the company needing to organise your travel plans quickly and easily, but outside of the US/UK their offers aren’t all that good to entice me to pay monthly.

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